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Mar 28, 2021

In Episode 35 of The MINDset Game® Podcast, Vered Kogan speaks with Sam Gonzalez Silva, Director of Silva UltraMind International.

You will learn about the Silva Ultramind System which is a proven framework for awakening your mind’s fullest potential. It is based on The Silva Method: a pioneering mind empowerment methodology founded in 1960 by Sam’s uncle, Texan radio engineer Jose Silva, with over 6+ million students in 110 countries.

You will gain an understanding of the primary states of consciousness that the human mind operates in, how your unconscious belief patterns impact your reality, and how to use affirmations and visualization in a way that creates lasting change.

In addition, you will be guided through a short powerful meditation to help you get into a deeply relaxed state to create more positive belief systems.

To learn more about the Silva UltraMind System and access a longer version of the Silva UltraMind Centering Exercise at no cost, visit Click on “Silva UltraMind Systems” and then “Silva Centering Exercise”.

You may also contact Sam directly at

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