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Jul 2, 2021

In Episode 49 of The MINDset Game® Podcast, Vered Kogan speaks with Dr. Nancy Rizzo, an expert on holistic medicine and biophysics.

You will learn about energy medicine, how your perceptions influence your physiology, and how the electromagnetic field around the body (known as the Human Biofield) directs the processes and functions throughout the body.

Nancy Rizzo has a bachelor’s Degree in Medical Physics, a master’s degree in Radiological Therapeutic Physics. She received the Diplomat of the American Board of Radiology honor and went on to pursue additional post-graduate studies and research, earning her Ph.D. in holistic medicine and biophysics. She has held clinical positions at prestigious medical centers, including the University of Michigan, Royal Oak Beaumont, and the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. She served as the founding cochair for the program of integrative medicine in Scottsdale before leaving to pursue her passion for biophoton imaging. In 2006, she founded EPIC Research and Diagnostics to research and develop biophotonic imaging technology. In 2016 the technology now called HealthECircuits, Biofield Energy Systems Technology (BEST) scan, was granted FDA clearance as an electrophysiological measurement tool.

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