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Jun 11, 2022

When pursuing an important goal, have you ever faced repeated obstacles and setbacks? If so, you may have felt like you were failing or that you weren’t “good enough” – and potentially, you might have found that these limiting beliefs sent you into a negative cycle of self-doubt. 

Alina Timofeeva, our guest in Episode 98 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, wrestled with a great deal of self-doubt when she was searching for a job in the U.K. as an immigrant from Russia. Despite receiving hundreds of rejections and questioning whether she was truly qualified, Alina persevered, knowing that she wanted more from life than what her family intended for her in Russia. Once she finally found a position as an analyst, she progressed very quickly in her career, becoming a principal in less than seven years. 

Today, Alina is a multi-award-winning principal at global strategy consulting firm Oliver Wyman, a mentor to women and migrants from diverse cultural and social backgrounds, and a TEDx speaker whose presentation, “Fail But Never Give Up,” has received hundreds of thousands of views.

In this episode, Alina shares lessons she’s learned from her personal and professional life, including:

  • The importance of persevering when faced with setbacks, and remembering that the process of pursuing your goals is an often-unpredictable journey
  • Why it’s crucial to convince yourself that you are worthy when you’re struggling with self-doubt or feel like you don’t fit in – and how shifting your mindset can help you achieve better results
  • Why it’s particularly important for people who have been conditioned to believe that they aren’t enough to work on developing their own self-confidence first 

To learn more, search for Alina Timofeeva on LinkedIn, or visit to see her TEDx talk on YouTube. 

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