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Jun 18, 2022

Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal or bring about a positive change in your life, but struggled to consistently take the actions needed to do so? The solution may lie in developing the right habits – but often, it can be difficult to continue following those habits after you initially create them.

Michael Balchan, our guest in Episode 99 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, believes that building positive habits and sticking to them requires an understanding of how your mind works, as well as a clear sense of the identity you’re seeking to adopt. A Harvard-trained behavioral economist and psychologist, Michael now serves as the Head Coach and Chief of Staff at Heroic, a public benefit corporation that uses proven, behavioral-designed technology to empower individuals to move from theory to practice to mastery and express the highest version of themselves.

In this episode, Michael shares numerous insights, including the following:

  • The importance of using celebration and positive reinforcement to help yourself continue following a good habit
  • How to create algorithms that use your environment and willpower to reinforce the habits you’re seeking to build
  • An overview of the differences between the reptilian, mammalian, and rational parts of your brain – and simple actions to take when the rational part disengages and you feel inclined to do things that may be inconsistent with your highest self
  • The importance of getting clear on the identity you want to have, and how that identity drives your behaviors – which, in turn, reinforce your identity 

In addition to helping build Heroic, Michael has partnered with his longtime mentor, Brian Johnson, to create a scientifically backed 300-day coach certification program that has trained over 11,000 individuals in over 115 countries. To learn more about Heroic, visit, where you will find an abundance of tools and materials designed to help you become the highest and best version of yourself.

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