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Jul 1, 2022

Hardships are inevitable on the journey of life. It’s how you deal with them that matters. In today’s episode, our guests are Stéphane and Shalee Schafeitel (also known as Stéph & Shay), #1 International Bestselling Authors of the Book: Master Your Mindpower, which is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Barnes & Noble and Amazon bestseller. They are world-renown celebrity coaches and they help business leaders and high performers to increase their mental toughness and emotional resilience.

During this conversation, Stéph & Shay candidly share their personal backstories and how their experiences motivated them to pursue career paths dedicated to helping others achieve their full potential. Stéph & Shay’s coaching philosophy is underpinned by a focus on the “three P’s” (purpose, passion, and principles) and a belief that our pasts are what we make of them.

Tune in to hear how you can learn to let go of your “running parachutes,” turn your greatest trauma into your greatest strength, and discover your purpose - it’s inside you, you just have to know where to look!

Stéph & Shay are offering to buy you a copy of their book, Master Your Mindpower, in honor of the book's 2-year anniversary. If you text the word "BOOK" to 801-618-2655, you will receive a link to order it and all you pay is the cost of shipping. 

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