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Aug 6, 2022

With change constantly happening in the world around us, it’s crucial for organizations to have structures and systems in place that will allow them to navigate disruptions with agility. While changing circumstances can create formidable obstacles for some organizations, Charlene Li – our guest in Episode 106 of The MINDSet Game® podcast – has always been curious about those that can seemingly move from disruption to disruption without skipping a beat.

As Chief Research Officer at PA Consulting, an end-to-end innovation consultancy, Charlene has studied organizations across numerous industries to identify the characteristics that make leaders, teams, and the organization as a whole better equipped to handle change. In this episode, Charlene outlines the three key things that organizations need in order to seamlessly move from disruption to disruption: an ability to focus on the needs of future customers, leaders who can create a movement and momentum to carry the organization into the future, and a culture that’s capable of dealing with flux. Within this framework, she shares specific insights, including:

  • 3 questions that everyone in an organization – from senior leadership to frontline workers – should be able to answer regarding how the organization will serve future customers
  • How leaders can attract followers to the movement they are seeking to create, even when dealing with individuals whose values may not align with that movement
  • Signs that indicate that a movement towards change is successfully underway
  • The consequences for organizations that resist creating a “flux culture” designed to help them navigate disruption 

To learn more about Charlene, visit her website at She also invites listeners to connect with her on LinkedIn and share their own journeys with navigating change within organizations. 

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