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Aug 27, 2022

While there are many different tools available to help us better understand our own personality types and those of others, one of the most effective is the Enneagram system. Consisting of nine different archetypes that are determined based on an individual’s social and coping styles, the Enneagram can serve as a roadmap to help you become more aware of the patterns that operate in your life – particularly when you are facing conflict. 

As a Certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram Institute teacher and an accredited professional with the International Enneagram Association, as well as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, Jenny Yoder has used the Enneagram as a guide to help business leaders, teams, and many others overcome conflict and build even stronger relationships. In Episode 109 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, Jenny discusses the following:

  • The three social styles and three coping styles that determine your Enneagram type, and how the motivations underlying these styles can affect conflict management
  • Why it’s important to step back and try to truly understand another person’s perspective in a conflict situation – despite the inclination to tunnel deeper into your own social and coping styles
  • Three questions that teams can use when in conflict to better understand the energies that are motivating individuals’ thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Our three centers of intelligence – the head, the heart, and the body – and how they interact with our different social and coping styles

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