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Jan 7, 2023

Organizations today are facing a variety of unprecedented changes, from managing up to five different generations in the workforce to navigating an employer-employee contract that has fundamentally shifted. For leaders, these changes have presented new challenges when it comes to retaining and engaging employees and cultivating happy, productive teams. 

As a visionary leader, coach, and the founder and CEO of Highland Performance Solutions, Patricia (Patti) Carl is inspired by human-centered motivation and behavior in the workplace, and its profound effect on individual fulfillment and performance. Patti and her team help leaders create thriving, dynamic, engaging cultures where people feel valued and motivated to do their best work, and her thought leadership has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and Entrepreneur Magazine. In Episode 128 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, Patti discusses the following:

  • Recent trends in the workforce and the challenges they are creating for leaders and organizations
  • The concept of personalized leadership and how it can be particularly effective in the modern workforce, which often includes employees who have different values, needs, and expectations for how they want to work
  • Best practices for how organizations can attract, retain, and engage talent in the current landscape
  • Strategies to help leaders foster greater coherence among their teams, even when conflicts arise 

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