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Jan 27, 2023

When starting to think about retirement or moving on to another phase of life, the owners and leaders of family-owned or closely held businesses face a unique challenge: deciding who should take over the role(s) of leading the organization. Particularly when family dynamics are involved, this process can be complicated – but taking the time for strategic succession planning can help ensure the long-term success of the business, as well as happiness and prosperity for those involved. 

Leslie Dashew, our guest in Episode 131 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, is the President of Human Side of Enterprise, an organizational development firm, as well as a partner in the Aspen Family Business Group. She has combined her background in organizational development and family therapy to help family businesses and other organizations create harmony in the family and prosperity in the business while charting the course of their future through integrated succession planning. In this episode, Leslie shares insights regarding the following:

  • 7 crucial components of succession planning that leaders must consider when envisioning the future of their organizations 
  • Strategies to help mitigate family dynamics or preconceived notions that could cause tension as younger members of the family assume leadership roles in the business 
  • How business owners and leaders can navigate common challenges when moving on from the organization they’ve built, including the fear of letting go

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