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Mar 24, 2023

From contaminants in our environment to negative thought patterns, we are all exposed to numerous toxicities over time. As these toxicities accumulate in our bodies, they can lead to serious health problems, including cancer, autoimmune disease, and neurodegenerative conditions. Healing these diseases or preventing them in the first place may require a mind-body-spirit approach that seeks to identify and eliminate the sources of toxicity in our lives.

Often referred to as the “Sherlock Holmes of medicine,” Dr. Jill Carnahan is renowned for her ability to help her patients get to the root of their health problems and optimize healing through the gentlest and least invasive ways possible. A functional medicine expert who is double board-certified in family medicine and integrative holistic medicine, Dr. Carnahan has personal experience with the types of conditions that she treats: as a 25-year-old medical student, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, and later Crohn’s disease – both of which she has healed from fully. Drawing on her unique perspective to treating a variety of complex and chronic illnesses, Dr. Carnahan travels the world sharing her knowledge of hope, health, and healing through various platforms, including her new book, “Unexpected.” In Episode 139 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, Dr. Carnahan discusses the following:

  • Why addressing feelings of unworthiness and other harmful thought patterns is crucial to your physical health
  • The concepts of toxic load and infectious burden, and how they can build up over time to trigger a range of serious health problems
  • How to identify and eliminate hidden environmental toxins, including mold, that may be compromising your health 

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