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May 13, 2023

Throughout life, we all face challenges and setbacks – some of which may seem devastating. However, one of the most important factors determining whether these challenges will “make or break” you is your attitude. While it can be difficult to stay positive at all times, there are several steps you can take on a daily basis to rebuild your attitude and approach life’s challenges with clarity and strength. 

Boaz Rauchwerger, our guest in Episode 146 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, first learned about the importance of attitude from his mother. Despite tragically losing her parents and four of her siblings in the Holocaust, Boaz’s mom managed to maintain a positive attitude throughout her life. Drawing inspiration from her lessons and from his own experiences, Boaz has had a successful career as a consultant, author, and keynote speaker, including 20 years as a speaker with Vistage Worldwide. In this week’s episode, Boaz shares several insights about how to achieve happiness and success through building a positive attitude, including:

  • The value of reading, and two classic books Boaz recommends that everyone read at least three times: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, and “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
  • Several specific affirmations to repeat at the beginning and end of each day, such as “everything I touch prospers and succeeds” and “I make amazing things happen daily.”
  • The concept of “goal cards” as a way to change habits and achieve your goals
    Techniques for handling negative emotions that may compromise your attitude and take you further from your goals

To connect with Boaz, he invites listeners to call or text him at (619) 723-3007. He also offers a complimentary session for his consulting services, through which he helps organizations change employees’ attitudes and thereby raise the culture of the whole company.

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