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Jun 2, 2023

When faced with a challenge or decision, are you more likely to take time to think it over thoroughly, consider how you feel about the situation, or take action as soon as possible based on your gut instincts? According to Enneagram philosophy, these options represent our three centers of intelligence: thinking, feeling, and action. While we each have a dominant center, the three are complementary – and understanding how each center operates in your life can help you achieve a greater sense of balance and clarity. 

As a highly sought-after facilitator, speaker, management development coach, and Enneagram specialist, Michelle Bennetts has trained over 1,500 professionals globally in the Enneagram. With 20 years of experience in training and facilitation, Michelle coaches teams, leaders, and executives on how to lead themselves, others, and ultimately, the business to success. As our guest in Episode 149 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, Michelle discusses the following:

  • Techniques for identifying your dominant center of intelligence and understanding when it may or may not be serving you
  • Why it’s also important to identify the center you use the least, and to strengthen it in order to bring the three centers into balance
  • How tapping into your intuition can help when your three centers are sending you conflicting messages
  • Pitfalls that both individuals and organizations may encounter when they rely too heavily on one center – and how they can achieve better results by balancing out the three centers

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