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Jul 7, 2023

As we go through life, we all encounter hardships, which can range from minor setbacks to devastating tragedies. While it may not be possible to avoid these hardships, we can make the choice to be resilient. Defined as “the ability to spring back into shape after being pulled, bent, or stretched” or “the capability to recover quickly from difficulties,” resilience can help you lead a happy and fulfilled life, regardless of the challenges you’ve faced.

Despite experiencing a series of heartbreaking events in her personal life, Nancy Gale – our guest in Episode 154 of The MINDSet Game® podcast – has built an incredible life and career through the power of resilience. She is the founder and designer of the luxury handbag brand, JAMAH, as well as a mentor and passionate activist who founded a nonprofit entrepreneurial program called AMBITION. The mission of this amazing organization is to provide disadvantaged youth with the support, access, and resources necessary to reach their goals. JAMAH clients include Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Channing Tatum and Bill & Hillary Clinton. AMBITION special guests include Sir Richard Branson and President Bill Clinton.

In this week’s episode, Nancy shares more of her story and discusses the following:

  • The concept of resilience as a choice that you have to make over and over again, with a great deal of positive thought and happiness – even if you are forcing yourself to put on a happy face
  • How approaching and sharing your hardships with power, not pity, can help you make progress while also having a positive impact on others who may have experienced something similar
  • An acronym that can help you gain clarity and get back on track, no matter what you are facing: STOP, which stands for settle down, take a breath, own it, and poof! (Get back to work)
  • The value of creating balance between hard work and playfulness, which includes finding joy and meaning in your day-to-day work 

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