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Jul 29, 2023

Between balancing careers, relationships, health, hobbies, spirituality and more, many people – particularly high-achievers – feel that they do not have enough time to do everything they’d like to do. In addition to creating stress, this feeling of being pulled in multiple directions can prevent us from reaching our full potential and unleashing greatness in ourselves and others. Therefore, it’s crucial to get clear on your most important priorities and keep them at the center of your daily routine.

Bob Mulhern, our guest in Episode 157 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, understands the challenges that come with juggling many different obligations. In addition to being the father of nine children, Bob is a senior managing director for Colliers Arizona, where he leads a $50 million commercial real estate brokerage operation for over 120 professionals, and the cofounder of Great Hearts Arizona, a charter school management organization that operates 24 schools and educates over 15,000 students between kindergarten and 12th grade. He is a past recipient of the Phoenix Business Journal’s “Arizona’s Most Admired Leaders” recognition, NAIOP Arizona’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and is currently recognized as an Arizona State University 100 Business Leader. In this week’s episode, Bob discusses the following:

  • The pitfalls of prioritizing the most urgent things in your life rather than the most important
  • How keeping your non-negotiable priorities at the center of your to-do list each day – even if that requires you to decline certain opportunities – can help you shift to viewing time as an abundant, rather than scarce, resource
  • The value of focusing on progress rather than perfection, and striving to do your best rather than be the best
  • Why it’s important to try to not only attract people and opportunities that are in alignment with your higher purpose, but also repel those that are not

To learn more about Bob or connect with him, find him on LinkedIn.

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