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Aug 25, 2023

When seeking to build their brand, many companies, individuals and other entities tend to play it safe, relying on the terminology and trends of their industry. However, truly distinguishing yourself in a competitive landscape may require you to take a more daring approach that highlights your unique story.

According to Gair Maxwell, our guest in Episode 161 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, irresistible brands are those that have cultivated an identity that is highly distinctive and instantly recognizable. Examples of these brands may range from corporations such as Coca-Cola, Apple, and Nike to iconic works of art like the Mona Lisa. As an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, keynote speaker and brand strategist, Gair’s original market-tested ideas have inspired leading companies to grow 15 to 30 times while creating an irresistible category of one. He is also a “recovering” broadcast journalist, TEC Canada Speaker of the Year, and author of the book, “Big Little Legends: How Everyday Leaders Build Irresistible Brands.” In this week’s episode, Gair shares the following:

  • Real-life examples of entities that have created a legendary identity based on a unique story
  • Specific steps that leaders and organizations can follow when creating their stories, as well as four core stories behind every company or individual: origin, adversity, achievement, and greater purpose
  • The four qualities and characteristics of legends: mindset, aspiring ideas, the capacity and willingness to embrace change, and a willingness to do hard things

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