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Sep 1, 2023

When navigating the adversity that life hands us – from minor setbacks to life-altering tragedies – we all have a choice to either accept defeat, or commit to overcoming our challenges. In order to choose the latter option and continue to live a fulfilling life no matter what you’ve faced, it’s crucial to build your capacity for resilience, which is like a muscle that needs to be strengthened. 

Jason Schechterle, our guest in Episode 162 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, overcame unimaginable adversity to become a highly rated keynote motivational speaker and shining example of the extraordinary power of the human spirit. In 2001, while following his calling to serve as a Phoenix police officer, Jason’s car was struck from behind by a taxicab traveling at over 100 miles per hour as the driver experienced a seizure. Although nearby firefighters jumped into action to pull Jason from his burning vehicle and rushed him to one of the best burn centers in the U.S., he suffered severe burns over 40% of his body and underwent more than 50 surgeries during his months in the hospital. Despite his bleak prognosis, Jason was able to return to work 18 months after the accident, and today inspires others with his lessons on resilience. In this week’s episode, Jason shares more about his story and discusses the following:

  • Key ingredients of resilience, including acceptance of the circumstances, and finding a purpose in what you’ve experienced
  • Why your mindset is your core strength when it comes to being resilient, and how seeing yourself as a victim or blaming others are choices that will only keep you stuck in your adversity
  • Other advice for those who may be navigating a dark time in their lives, including celebrating small victories and meeting yourself where you are

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