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Jun 14, 2024

Whether you’re changing roles within your organization, seeking a position with a different employer, or pursuing an entirely new career path, navigating a career transition can present a range of emotions, from uncertainty to fear to excitement. While the transition process involves several concrete steps – such as updating your resume or tapping into your professional network – it often requires a mindset shift as well, including overcoming limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from new opportunities.

In Episode 193 of The MINDset Game® podcast, we welcome back Hallie Crawford, a national career expert with over 25 years of experience as a certified coach and speaker. Hallie has published numerous books and is regularly featured as a career expert in leading media outlets. Her personal experience navigating a difficult career transition inspired her to start her company, Create Your Career Path, out of a desire to help people find jobs they love. In this episode, Hallie discusses the following:

  • Common limiting beliefs that people experience when facing a career transition and actionable steps to help overcome those beliefs, such as writing down a realistic, step-by-step plan and seeking support from others
  • How to harness the power of past professional accomplishments and positive feedback from colleagues to boost your confidence as you pursue new opportunities 
  • Specific tips for different types of job seekers, including those who are already between positions, those who are still in their current roles but are anticipating a transition in the future, perfectionists, and those who aspire to roles for which they may not yet have all the necessary qualifications

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