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Jun 28, 2024

Have you ever felt that despite your best efforts, you are falling short of achieving what you truly want in life? For most of us, the road to success and fulfillment contains many pitfalls and diversions, and creating your best life requires key ingredients such as clarity on your goals and values and consistency in your efforts.

Nic Peterson, our guest in Episode 195 of The MINDset Game® podcast, is a serial entrepreneur and the author of the book, “Bumpers: The Framework for Finding Your Personal Abundance, Maximum Productivity, Greatest Profits and Highest Quality of Life.” Nic wrote this book in response to a recurring question he received – how do you get so much done in so many different industries? Similar to the bumpers you'd put up in a bowling alley, the bumpers that Nic shares with us will allow you to play all in with 100% effort, while keeping you out of the gutter. In this episode, he discusses the following strategies to help you live the life you really want:

  • The value of concentrating your efforts on trying to prevent negative outcomes in the first place, as opposed to allowing them to happen and then recovering – and how sharpening your sense of hindsight and establishing your non-negotiables can help in this process 
  • Why focusing on improving your “rolling average” may be a more effective and sustainable approach than trying to constantly improve upon your best results 
  • Why it’s crucial to be honest with yourself in getting clear on what you truly want in life, and constantly checking in with yourself to identify what’s most important to you  

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