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Jul 5, 2024

From reduced stress to greater focus, practicing meditation can offer a wide array of physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. However, many people – particularly business leaders and other high achievers – find meditation challenging, as they struggle to quiet their minds and eliminate distractions. Breath work offers a powerful way to access the many benefits of meditation, thereby opening yourself to greater clarity and creativity. 

Jason Campbell, our guest in Episode 196 of The Mindset Game® podcast, began his journey into meditation, music, and wellness 46 years ago, when his teacher told him to “never listen to notes, but instead listen to the space between the notes.” An accomplished composer and pianist, he has released over 100 albums and has been number one on multiple Billboard and Amazon charts. Jason's unique perspective on music, health, wellness, and spiritual growth comes from his lifelong study of both music and the ancient arts of Eastern health, medicine, meditation, and enlightenment. In this week’s episode, Jason shares the following insights from his signature program, “Breath Mastery for Entrepreneurs”:

  • The core meaning of meditation, which is to stop thinking – however briefly – and simply be present in the moment 
  • The concept of the three treasures – matter, energy, and consciousness – and how they may come into play during meditation
  • How quieting the mind can help enhance the function of the pineal gland, a part of the brain that functions like an antenna to help us access a higher level of wisdom and creativity 

Jason then guides us through a three-minute breath exercise designed to help us pause our cognitive thought processes and be more present. 

To access Jason’s music, visit, or to learn more about Jason’s work in Cleator, Arizona, where, as the town’s co-owner and sheriff, he is combining Western culture with Eastern wisdom to create a community committed to the uplifting of the human spirit.

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