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Dec 18, 2021

As we navigate through life, we all collect stories – and those stories can offer powerful opportunities to connect with others and to shape our own futures.

In Episode 73 of The MINDset Game podcast, Mikki Williams highlights how storytelling can strengthen your relationships and help you create the life you truly want. As Mikki shares her personal journey from overcoming tragedy to building a successful career as an entrepreneur and internationally acclaimed speaker with honors that include membership in the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame, you will learn:

  • The importance of owning your own choices, particularly when faced with unexpected challenges
  • The power of the stories we tell ourselves, and how those stories can either hold you back from your goals or propel you towards them
  • How storytelling can foster connection with others in both personal and professional settings
  • Actionable ideas for capturing your own stories and using them to inspire positive transformation in your life

In addition to being a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Mikki Williams is a Certified Speaking Professional, TEDx Speaker, and transformational storyteller who has captivated audiences on every continent except Antarctica (where she can’t wear her stilettos). She is also an award-winning speaker with Vistage, the world’s leading executive organization, and a former master chair of two of their peer advisory boards. A dynamic entrepreneur who has owned several successful businesses, Mikki shares her talents with others by running speaker schools and serving as an executive speech coach, which has earned her recognition from Forbes.

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