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Dec 31, 2021

In pursuing your dreams, have you ever wrestled with doubts, insecurities, or limiting beliefs? If so, you’re not alone—nearly everyone has. 

In Episode 75 of The MINDSet Game®, David Cogan—a serial entrepreneur and the founder and managing partner of Eliances—discusses strategies for overcoming self-doubt as he shares some of the most valuable lessons he has learned throughout his life and career. From his childhood experiences working in his parents’ business to collaborating with several high-profile entrepreneurs, David’s lessons include the following:

  • How to push past limiting beliefs and move forward with your goals
  • Tips for discovering your own unique “superpower” that will likely unlock new opportunities and connections
  • The importance of staying focused on your objectives, and present with yourself and with others

As a unique, invitation-only community of over 1,000 entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, angels, lawyers, politicians, celebrities, athletes, mentors, and more, Eliances offers those who want to start or grow their businesses an opportunity to collaborate and help each other by sharing their resources, influence, skills, contacts, and imagination. To learn more, visit

Prior to founding Eliances, David started and exited a variety of successful businesses and worked for major corporations, including Microsoft, Arthur Andersen, and IBM. He is also the host of the “Heroes in Business” podcast, where he has interviewed many powerful leaders, such as Richard Branson and Samuel Adams.

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