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Nov 11, 2022

As children, most of us have a natural sense of curiosity and wonder. However, as we get older and become mired in our emotions and belief systems, it can be difficult to reignite that natural curiosity. Our brains – in an attempt to keep us safe – tend to judge the world through a binary lens and steer us away from allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. Yet it is only through vulnerability that we can forge genuine connections with others, and those connections often begin with curious, courageous conversations. 

Justine Froelker, our guest in Episode 120 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, TEDx speaker, and the author of nine books (including five Amazon best sellers) covering topics such as grief, infertility, and faith. When delivering keynotes, workshops, and trainings to national and international audiences, Justine’s areas of focus include leadership, resilience, and courageous and curious conversations – a highlight of this week’s episode. Specifically, Justine discusses the following:

  • How to use curious language as a way to build understanding with those whose opinions and feelings may differ from your own
  • Steps to follow when you want to be curious and compassionate with someone, but you also need them to change their mind in order to achieve a specific result
  • The importance of sitting with your own discomfort, getting in touch with your emotions, and expanding your emotional vocabulary
  • Tips for setting boundaries with others in order to protect your own well-being while also respecting relationships that are important to you

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