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Nov 26, 2022

From a young age, most of us begin forming ideas about who we are as people and who we think we should be. As we get older, we learn to develop ways to control ourselves, others and the world around us in order to suit our preconceived sense of identity. While this process can help us feel safe, it can also hold us back from attaining true freedom and transcending our limitations to connect with our higher purpose.

According to Kute Blackson, our guest in Episode 122 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, surrender is the key to reaching these higher levels in order to achieve more in life than you might have imagined. Kute is a transformational teacher, inspirational speaker, visionary, and national best-selling author of two extraordinary books, including The Magic of Surrender. In this episode, he discusses the following:

  • The concept of surrender, which occurs when we stop trying to manipulate life to fit our limited idea of who we think we should be, and how it can help us access our deeper truth and purpose
  • How the ego and our conditioning cause us to resist surrender, and how we can go about building a new relationship with these things
  • The importance of acknowledging the lies you might be telling yourself, and using the pain of feeling these lies to bring you into a deeper truth and integrity 

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