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Apr 26, 2024

In a world that feels increasingly divided, it’s common to find ourselves in conversations that may result in conflict, misunderstanding, or a general lack of connection. However, by becoming more conscious of the words we use when speaking with others and shifting our mindsets towards cooperation and harmony, we can have more effective conversations and build stronger relationships – even with those whose viewpoints may differ starkly from our own. 

As a communication strategist and the founder and CEO of the Intrigue Agency and the Tongue Fu!® Training Institute, Sam Horn helps people design and deliver one-of-a-kind presentations, pitches, books, businesses, and brands that scale their impact for good. She is an in-demand keynoter and trainer for organizations like Intel, Oracle and Accenture, and her three incredible TEDx talks and numerous books – including "Talking on Eggshells," "Tongue Fu!: How to Deflect, Disarm, and Defuse Any Verbal Conflict” and “Someday is Not a Day in the Week” – have been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, and Forbes. As our guest in Episode 186 of The MINDset Game® podcast, Sam discusses the following: 

  • Specific examples of words to use and words to lose in order to have more effective, harmonious conversations
  • The power of compassion and how to practice it – while also standing up for yourself – in a range of circumstances, including when the other party is reacting with anger, blame, or hostility 
  • How adopting a clarity mindset can transform potential conflicts and preserve relationships
  • Why it’s important to establish rules when navigating challenging conversations and relationship dynamics, as well as six steps to take to hold someone accountable if they are breaking the rules

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