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May 3, 2024

In today’s world, there’s a growing sense that change is happening at an unprecedented pace, and the ways that things have been done in the past may no longer serve us in the future. Successfully navigating this evolving, increasingly complex reality will require a new level of leadership, which some experts have referred to as “integral leadership.” 

In Episode 187 of The MINDset Game® podcast, we dive into the concept of integral leadership with our guest, Bob Anderson. As the founder and Chief Knowledge Officer of The Leadership Circle and co-author of the books, “Mastering Leadership” and “Scaling Leadership,” Bob has been a pacesetter in the field of leadership development for over 30 years. He created The Leadership Circle Profile™, a 360-degree assessment used by organizations worldwide to measure the effectiveness of their leaders (both individually and collectively), chart a pathway for their development, and assess their progress along the way. In this week’s episode, Bob discusses the following:

  • Different stages of leadership development, beginning with reactive leadership, in which we’re authored by those around us, then progressing to creative leadership, in which we shift to an internal locus of control and self-authoring process, and finally culminating in integral leadership, in which we’re authored by an emergent future
  • Characteristics that define integral leadership, and techniques that can help leaders reach this level
  • Scientific insights that support the concept of integral leadership and the capacity to tune into a new emergent paradigm
  • How embracing Eastern practices, including intuition and expanded consciousness, can help leaders at any level achieve higher states of awareness

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