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189 Tapping into the Transformative Power of Music: Interview with Barry Goldstein

May 17, 2024

Have you ever experienced a profound physical or emotional reaction to a piece of music, such as getting goosebumps or moving into a different state of mind? If so, you’ve probably realized that music is more than just a form of entertainment – it can be used as a tool for shifting energy, nurturing your emotional, mental, and spiritual health, and even promoting physical healing. 

During his illustrious career in the music industry, Barry Goldstein – our guest in Episode 189 of The MINDset Game® podcast – composed and produced music for television, film, major record labels, and top 10 recording artists. His experience spans many styles and genres, from co-producing the Grammy Award-winning track, “69 Freedom Special,” with Les Paul to providing ambient music for Shirley MacLaine. Currently, Barry’s music is being used in various medical settings, including hospitals, hospices, and cancer centers, to promote healing and enhance quality of life. His best-selling book, “The Secret Language of the Heart,” has become a go-to manual for utilizing music beyond art and entertainment and helping people understand how music, sound, and vibration can be used as tools for healing and transformation. In this week’s episode, Barry discusses the following:

  • How certain forms of music can affect the rhythm of your heart, leading to a more coherent state and unleashing a range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits
  • How to create your own “music program,” including suggestions for types of music to listen to for different moods and times of day, as well as when you’re seeking to alleviate stress to access greater wellness
  • A process to follow in conjunction with music when trying to shift your energy and move to a healthier emotional state: “IRA,” which stands for identify, release, and attune

Barry also plays two beautiful pieces of music during our conversation and offers tips for how to maximize the benefits of listening to them. To access Barry’s courses, music, and other resources, visit, or search for him on Instagram, YouTube, or Spotify. To join his email list and become part of his “sound tribe,” visit

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