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190 How to Take Companies from Good to Great: Interview with Michael Fishman

May 24, 2024

From marketing efforts to hiring and managing employees, there are several essential steps on the path to starting and growing a business. But have you ever wondered what distinguishes companies that are considered good from those that are admired as among the best in their industries? 

For over 30 years, Michael Fishman has been a leading advisor on marketing, positioning, and accelerated customer-centric business growth, helping to grow businesses – many from inception. His clients have included Bulletproof, Athletic Greens, Thrive Market, The DNA company and several others through the annual Consumer Health Summit, which is a private, invitation-only group for leading and early-stage founders who operate customer-centric businesses. As a speaker, Michael shares how the founder’s origin story, clear messaging, customer care, and work culture combine to take companies from merely good to the best at what they do. In Episode 190 of The MINDset Game® podcast, Michael discusses the following:

  • Why it’s crucial for business leaders to do their own personal work to better understand themselves and release any beliefs and patterns that may be holding them back 
  • The difference between being nice and being kind, and why exercising kindness and becoming a “graceful truth-teller” is essential for cultivating a healthy work culture and ultimately moving businesses forward
  • Why the best taglines are revealed rather than composed and embody the founder’s true purpose and origin story, as well as tips for creating these meaningful taglines that will resonate with customers

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