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Feb 12, 2021

In this episode, Vered Kogan speaks with Ande Frazier, an expert on behavioral finance. You will learn how to master your Money MINDset. 

Your Money MINDset has the power to shape everything you believe surrounding your wealth. It impacts what you believe is financially possible for yourself and the amount of wealth you think you’re worth or entitled to. It has the power to dictate how much you spend and save, how you manage debt, how much money you give away and your ability to invest with confidence.  

Ande Frazier regularly appears on top national media outlets to speak about topics at the intersection of women and finance. Her career accomplishments led her to be named one of Bristol’s Who’s Who Among Distinguished Professionals and Executives, Top 100 in Finance for 2019 and Top 50 Women of 2019, by Top 100 Magazine. She is also an Amazon Best Selling author of the book Fin(anci)ally Free! 11 conversations people need to have with yourself about life, money and worth.

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