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Dec 16, 2022

As human beings, we have an innate ability to manage complex situations, or those that we cannot control or predict due to many interrelated parts that affect one other. In practice, however, many of us become overwhelmed when faced with complexity and start trying to control things that are not actually controllable. 

According to Carolyn Coughlin, our guest in Episode 125 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, the key to navigating these situations even more effectively is to unleash your complexity genius. As the co-founder, director, and board co-chair of Cultivating Leadership, a leadership consultancy with a mission to help leaders and organizations thrive in complexity, Carolyn develops programs to coach teams and individuals in growing their inner capacity to lead in a complex world. In this week’s episode, Carolyn discusses the following: 

  • The definition of “complexity,” and how complex situations differ from ones that are merely complicated
  • Steps to take when faced with the stress that complexity can present – or how to tap into your own complexity geniuses 
  • The power of reaching outward through love and connection with others, and how to activate that love even for someone who may be triggering feelings of distress and complexity

Carolyn then guides us through a step-by-step exercise that implements the techniques she has shared.

To learn more, visit Carolyn’s website at or check out her book, Unleash Your Complexity Genius: Growing Your Inner Capacity to Lead. 

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