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Apr 8, 2023

For leaders and teams facing change within their organizations, it’s normal to feel an array of emotions ranging from excitement to fear. However, fear and other negative emotions can create resistance to change, which can lead to friction among teams and ultimately make it more difficult for the organization to achieve its goals. Overcoming this resistance requires addressing the underlying factors that may cause individuals to fear change. 

As a Chief People Officer, as well as a keynote speaker, executive coach, top culture expert, and host of the podcast, “From Now to Next,” Erica Rooney invigorates and educates organizations as they navigate change. Her mission is to help drive a positive experience for employees and guide executives through the process of change, leading to massive success. In Episode 141 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, Erica shares the following insights:

  • Why the need to be right is one of the biggest obstacles to change, the underlying thought patterns that may be driving the attachment to being right, and techniques that individuals can use to overcome that attachment and approach change with curiosity instead
  • How leaders can create a psychologically safe environment among their teams, and why doing so is crucial for overcoming resistance to change
  • The importance of understanding your core values and how they align (or conflict) with your organization’s values, as well as exercises to help ensure that you are living and leading in accordance with your own values 

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