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Nov 17, 2023

For organizations across the globe, a recent Gallup survey revealed an alarming statistic: only about one-third of employees are engaged. Of the majority who are not engaged, 16% are actively disengaged, often due to flaws in the workplace such as a lack of vision or lack of clarity from leadership. Improving employee engagement is essential for achieving better productivity, results, and workforce morale – but what can leaders do to reverse this trend that seems to have worsened in recent years? 

Katharine Halpin, our guest in Episode 170 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, offers several practical, actionable solutions. As a master-level certified coach, author, and speaker, Katharine left her CPA career to help executives and managers transform their teams and organizations into true communities where trust and respect are demonstrated. By inspiring people to bring their best selves to work every day and helping them feel safe to step up and speak up, these communities then drive organic growth and ignite innovation. In this week’s episode, Katharine shares the following: 

  • Simple techniques for engaging employees, such as setting clear due dates for projects, following through with interim checkpoints so employees feel supported, and ensuring that everyone feels that their ideas are heard
  • Some of the true reasons why employees may be disengaged, and how managers can avoid these common pitfalls 
  • The value of connecting with employees on an emotional level, which can often be achieved through simple gestures such as giving them handwritten notes or asking about their families
  • How to engage employees during meetings, thereby ensuring that everyone’s time is spent productively 

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