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Sep 3, 2022

Whether you are facing a physical health-related challenge or an obstacle that is holding you back in another area of your life, nurturing the mind-body-spirit connection can be a powerful catalyst for change. Without paying attention to your mindset and beliefs, you may find that you are cured of an ailment, but not yet fully healed. 

As a healer and soul coach who utilizes a combination of Indigenous-inspired and Western methods to co-create lasting change for everyday modern problems, Bob Vetter has helped numerous people achieve greater wellness and fulfillment in different areas of their lives. In Episode 110 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, Bob shares the following:

  • The difference between curing an illness and healing in a spiritual sense
  • Why the placebo effect is so powerful – specifically, how your mindset and letting go of beliefs that no longer serve you can have a profound impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health
  • How seeing others have miraculous experiences can help support your own healing and expand what’s possible for you 

Bob also guides Vered through a four-step exercise that anyone can use to help shift their mindset and replace limiting beliefs with those that will expand possibilities.

To learn more about Bob, visit, where you will find a variety of free resources, information about how to connect with him, and the latest episodes of his podcast, “Healing and Spirituality in World Cultures.” 

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