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Nov 3, 2023

When looking at the world around us, from our interpersonal relationships to business enterprises to sociopolitical groups, it often seems that conflict and competition are inevitable. But what if greater harmony and collaboration were possible – and the keys for accessing this higher state of being were already ingrained in each of us?

According to Jeddah Mali, our guest in Episode 169 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, tapping into a source called natural intelligence can provide a pathway to greater peace, joy, and lightness, from the individual to the global level. As an internationally recognized visionary and change agent, as well as the creator of the Intelligent Life model and mapping system, Jeddah’s body of work provides a completely new approach to understanding human behavior and how individuals positively impact the collective and the wider environment. Jeddah is a TEDx speaker and has been mentoring and consulting for CEOs, as well as advising and guiding global thought leaders and changemakers from over 60 countries, for the last 35 years. She is on the Board of the HeartMath Institute and on the steering committee of the Global Coherence Initiative. In this week’s episode, Jeddah discusses the following:

  • The meaning of natural intelligence, which essentially functions like a hidden code that orchestrates the various elements of life to work as one harmonious unit
  • Tips for directing your conscious attention toward the energy of your natural intelligence and tapping into its power in order to bring about greater well-being for yourself, those around you, and the world at large
  • What leaders should know about natural intelligence, and how it can help them to not only build more effective teams, but also leave a broader positive impact 
  • 'How to shift the inclination to protect your own interests toward a higher yearning for harmony and collaboration 

Jeddah then guides us through an exercise to help us harness the power of our own natural intelligence. To learn more about Jeddah, natural intelligence, and to access a variety of resources, visit

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