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Dec 30, 2023

We are all born with innate gifts and talents that can help us build more meaningful, satisfying lives—not only for ourselves, but for others and the world at large as well. However, it’s not always clear what these gifts are or how to access them, and becoming the best version of yourself may require commitment, discipline, and a mindset shift.

As one of the world’s top five most award-winning speakers, the author of 25 books (including three international bestsellers), and a certified virtual presenter and past President of the National Speakers Association, Jim Cathcart has inspired countless people around the globe. His TEDx talk, “How to Believe in Yourself,” has over 2.6 million views, and his PBS television programs, podcast appearances, and radio shows have reached millions of success seekers. Jim is also an executive MBA professor at California Lutheran University School of Management, where he serves as the school’s first entrepreneur in residence, and has been inducted into the Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame in London for his pioneering work with his concept of relationship selling. In Episode 173 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, Jim shares the following insights: 

  • The first step in trying to find your higher purpose: asking yourself why you want what you think you want, and continuing to ask why until you reach a satisfactory answer
  • Why adopting the right mindset and opening yourself to the life force that is seeking to be expressed through you are crucial in creating the life you desire
  • The “acorn principle,” which represents your past, present, and future potential 

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